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Staying motivated while working from home.

Staying motivated and productive while working from home can be a challenge for newbies! Don’t sweat it, the team at Reach4 have each provided 2 great tips to help you settle into your new office!

Melissa Heath – General Manager

1.     Make a dedicated workstation. This is my biggest tip! Set up a dedicated desk, computer, even dedicated room if you can. Try to make it away from the areas of your home that are normally dedicated to relaxation, it can be hard to switch your brain into gear when you’re snuggled on a couch with your feet up. Keep your files, notebooks and electronic equipment in that area if possible so you’re ready to go into work mode (and leave work mode) as soon as you go into that space.

2.     Use a system to keep in touch with your colleagues easily and quickly. At Reach4 we use the Microsoft Teams app for daily video meetings and to keep in touch throughout the day. That way we don’t lose those little brainstorms and sharing of ideas that you would otherwise miss.

Kirralee Allan – Executive Search Agent

3.     Follow a similar morning routine every day. I try to get out for a run, eat breakfast and get dressed for work at about the same time every day, just as if I was going into the office. My brain is awake and rearing to go when I sit down to begin my workday.

4.     Remove distractions. This might sound counter intuitive, but I normally have music going in the background while I work. It stops my mind wandering to what’s going on outside my home office like traffic and others in the house. For some people it does the opposite, work out what works best for you!

Hannah Jones – Executive Search Agent

5.     Make time for exercise. This wakes you up in the morning and makes you feel good about yourself too. I take my kids for a daily walk and it has the additional effect of using some of their built-up energy.

6.     Have fun with your team when you can. Being stuck at home all the time can be stressful. At Reach4 we have themed video meetings and on Friday’s we knock off a little early to chat about less serious topics and even have a cold drink if we are so inclined.

Ryan Tolley – Business Development Manager

7.     Take breaks. In the office we look at each other, we get up and physically go to meetings, we walk to the common area for our coffees. At home, looking at a screen all day is very different. I make sure that I stretch my legs a few times throughout the day to reset and give my brain/eyes a break.

8.     Eat well. I’ve had to be diligent about my lunches, its easy to slip into the habit of going to the fridge just because I can and eating either bad food or too much food. I make sure that there are healthy foods in the kitchen and try to eat them at lunch or an appropriate snack time.

There you have it! Some great tips from the Reach4 team. Not sure about eating well though...just kidding.

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