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1. Code of Conduct

Introduction, behavioural expectations, fitness for work and compliance.

Our Policies

2. Appropriate Workplace Behaviour Policy

Our policy regarding  workplace behaviour, discrimination, harassment, bullying and more.

3. Information Technology & Social Media Policy

Responsibilities and procedures of Reach4 Employees with regards to information technology.

5. Workplace Bullying Policy

Reach4 has policies in place to protect employees and other stakeholders from bullying.

7. Fatigue Management Policy

Factors that contribute to fatigue, identifying fatigue and the responsibility of employee.

9. Discipline Policy

Obligations of employees, disciplinary issues, disciplinary processes and disciplinary action.

6. Work Health and Safety Policy

Reach4's responsibilities, our employees responsibilities, reporting of safety issues and more.

4. Privacy Policy

Our policy regarding the collection and distribution of information within our business.

8. Grievance Handling Procedures

What to do if you have a grievance and how grievances are dealt with.